Professional Video Editing Services

Wedding Commercial Corporate VLOG Promotional Advertising


Corporate is another video that I can edit with or without a script. I can also attach additional basic lower thirds if needed.


One of my favorites is the promotional video.It can actually boost my creativity and allow me to explore more ideas to create an interesting video.


I edited over 500 wedding films and still counting. Flexibility is one of my strength. I can do different style of editing that can perfectly match to your signature.

About Me

My name is Rom Vergara, a professional videographer, film producer and a video editor of different films specially the wedding films. Editing videos is my passion. Being more than 6 years in this industry, I gained a lot of great experiences in filming and editing different videos such as corporate, promotional, weddings and a lot of other events.

I am also a cinematographer that’s why it leads me to an experienced artist on many levels. I know what and how the shooter thinks about the sequence or the story they want to tell through the camera. I am very passionate on everything I do. My love for editing persuades me to create an excellent, quality, personalized and unique videos for my clients. I love working and communicating with my clients to make sure that we build an exceptional and perfect ideas for the best videos that they want. I am very adventurous and a great problem solver that’s why I always find a way to solve a problem.

I am very available to chat with you about your ideas and your questions. Rest assured that I will work with all of my best efforts.